NomadNet went online in 1993, back when I wrote HTML code in MS word and uploaded it to the server. Its original purpose was to publish outtakes from articles I was writing for The Village Voice, The New Republic, and other magazines. These outtakes were the Somalia-specific information that was too esoteric for American audiences, but the kind of stuff that Somalis in the diaspora were hungry for; minute details about the clan politics behind the conflict in Mogadishu. It was an adventure, as whatever I wrote was guaranteed to piss off one clan, sub-clan or another. Articles were followed up with death threats and insults, and after a while I just figured that it wasn’t worth the bother. Eventually the site became redundant. I left it as a resource, but haven’t added any articles to it since the late 1990s. As time goes by I'll try to dig up some more of my articles and I'll add important pieces from other journalists.
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