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The Culture of Aid and the Tragedy of Somalia by Michael Maren. This article first appeared in The Village Voice in January, 1993 and gives a background to current problems and the US/UN intervention.

The mysterious death of Ilaria Alpi. In 1994, Italian Journalist Ilaria Alpi and cameraman Miran Hrovatin were murdered in Mogadishu after a trip to the northern town of Bosasso. Some people say she was murdered because of what she knew: About the torture and killing of Somalis by Italian soldiers, or about arms shipments from Italy to the warlords. The Italian government accused a Somali, Hashi Omar Hassan, of killing Ilaria. But Hashi was acquitted of the crime in July, 1999. The mystery remains unsolved.

The Oil Factor in Somalia Mark Fineman's ever-popular conspiracy theory about the U.S. intervention in Somalia.

The Italian Connection: How Rome HelpedRuin Somalia You always knew it was true. Now read all the gory details.
Death of a Warlord: A collections of articles about the death of Mohamed Farah Aydiid and the resulting succession of his son, Hussein. Includes articles recounting the Somalia intervention.

Somalia: Aid fuels the conflict. by Bernhard Helander
October, 20, 1997 Report from Boosasso: Somalia
Finds Many Cash In on Chaos.
Famine Threat Drives Thousands of
Somalis From Homes
. From the New York Times, 19 June, 1996.
A story about Somalis finding refuge
and living in San Diego, California
. From The San Diego Tribune,
June 3, 1996.
Islam and Somali Clan Wars.
An item from AFP, May 25, 1996.
Somalia's Banana War Continues.
A report from April 24, 1996.
Boosaaso: A Somali City Thrives Without
. From The Washington Post, March 3, 1996.
Somalis Are Not Starving, Nor Are They
. From The Washington Post, October 21, 1995.
Return to Somalia; In the Land
that Americans Want to Forget, Some Modest Signs of Success.
Former U.S. ambassador to Somalia Frank Crigler reporting
on his trip to Somalia. From The Washington Post, 15 October,
In The Line of Fire. Somali Journalist
Ali Musa Abdi reflects on the dangers of covering the
war at home.
September 1996 report from Mogadishu.
Political Economy of Post-Intervention
by Ken Menkhaus and John Prendergast. (Somalia
Task Force Issue Paper #3
A Critical Report on District Councils
in Bay and Bakool Regions
by Bernhard Helander in cooperation
with Mohamed Haji Mukhtar and I. M. Lewis.
Getting the most out of it: nomadic
health care and the state in southern Somalia
by Bernhard
The Situation in Muqdisho
by Matt Bryden
. as of 19 June, 1995. "A confrontation
seems inevitable."
The collected writings of Abdul
. The conservative and controversial Somali-American's
contributions to The Washington Times.
Article on Osman Ato from
The New York Times, 31 July, 1995.
Murder, Slavery, Beatings and Theft
on Somalia's banana plantations
.Updated 24 June, 1995.
Regional workshop on the Horn
of Africa: Report of the group on Somalia
by Joint
Conference Church and Development / GKKE. Delivered at the International
Conference on Conflict Mediation and Consolidation of Peace,
Bonn, 31. March to 4. April 1995.
Oil in Somalia? Was that
the reason Bush sent the Marines? A controversial article from
the LA Times raised the issue in January, 1993. By Mark Fineman.
Relive the death of ousted Somali dictator Mohamed Siyaad
in comprehensive obituaries from The
and from other sources.
I.M. Lewis writing on Somalia in The Sunday Times
(London) during the Famine in August, 1992. In
the Land of the Living Dead
is a brief history of how
Somalia got to where it was.
A 1989 report by the conservative
Heritage Foundation
recommending that the U.S. continue
to support the Siyaad Barre Regime. An interesting perspective
from before the fall.
Article about Somali writer Nuruddin
upon the publication of his novel The Gift. From
The Guardian, by Maya Jaggi. (includes a bibliography
of Farah's work.)