March 26: Susan Minot Presents, Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”

MinotBannerOn March 26, at The Crosby Street Hotel Susan Minot will present  Alfred Hitchcock's classic thriller, Rear Window.

Minot on REAR WINDOW, "In "Rear Window," Alfred Hitchcock showcases his particular strengths in story-telling - his understatement, his delight in character, his genius for suspense and mastery of narrative as a visual medium.  The characters in "Rear Window" appear to be solving a murder, but what they are really doing is learning how to work out the geometry of love.  This movie is one of his best, and as delicious as any movie gets."

We'll screen the film, talk about it with Susan, and retire to the lounge for drinks and eats.

For reservations contact the hotel directly:
T: 212 226 6400
E: [email protected]

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