Andre Dubus III on Scorsese’s Mean Streets

On February 25th, Andre Dubus III presents Martin Scorsese's Mean Streets

On February 25th, 2013 Andre Dubus III comes to Writers on Film at Soho's Crosby Street Hotel to present Martin Scorsese's breakout film, Mean Streets.  Andre  is the author of five books: The Cage Keeper and Other Stories, Bluesman, and the New York Times bestsellers, House of Sand and Fog, The Garden of Last Days, and his memoir, Townie, a #4 New York Times bestseller and a New York Times "Editors Choice".

Andre Dubus on Mean Streets:

I was fourteen in 1973 when this film came out. I don't recall how or where I saw it, but I do remember seeing parts of my own mill town life up on that screen (this had never happened to me before): the petty violence; the deeply male posturing of who was in charge of the room and who wasn't; the almost universal need, it seemed, to be the one in charge or at least to look like you could be; how the loss of face was so often gasoline on a fire where the irrational almost always over ruled the rational and people got hurt. I didn't know it then, but walking away from that theater I was beginning to feel those first nascent pulls toward artistic expression.

As always, a lively discussion, great food and wine will follow the screening. Reserve now by calling. 212 226 6400 of go to the web site for The Crosby Street Hotel.

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