Notes to a First-Time Director

When I was on the set of Phil Spector a last month I got some great advice on directing my first film, A Short History of Decay,  from David Mamet. A week later, as I was heading to LA, it occurred to me that many of my friends in the business would also have some interesting things to say about taking that first daunting step into directing.

How does a neophyte walk into a situation crowded with experienced professionals and start running the show?  (Or, does one even attempt this?) How does someone who hasn't acted since stinking up a high school production of Othello talk to seasoned actors about their craft? So, camera in hand, I started asking them.  As Mamet had predicted, everyone was generous, supportive and helpful.

Techies P.S.: This was recorded with a Nikon D7000. Okay, some of these are a bit out of focus. When I realized that I couldn't really see through the camera's LED screen, I bought a Zacuto viewfinder which allowed me to actually see what I was shooting.  I recommend the product to anyone shooting with an HDSLR.

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