The Role of Aid in the Enslavement of Haiti

I'm not an expert on Haiti. I've never been there, and I don't believe that my expertise in Africa qualifies me to make statements about the destructive role that "aid" has played in the epic tragedy that is the history of Haiti.  So I'll let others, who know better, make the argument for me. This is from the report that I heard this morning on NPR.

Haiti has been damaged by decades of misrule ... but, most of all, I think Haiti has been damaged by development policies and programs over the past 40 years that have not taken into account the aspirations of Haiti's people," [Robert] Maguire said.

One reason was that development policies in the 1990s focused on building up factories and the "Taiwanization" of Haiti, Maguire said, without considering factors that made Taiwan successful, such as investments in agriculture and universal education.

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